The Biggest Scam In History!

This was a guest post on the BFD & sums it all up perfectly!

Things are really starting to heat up over in the US regarding the stolen election. President Trump is becoming more vocal each day as more and more diamond-hard evidence comes to the fore that the Democrats tried to pull off the biggest scam in the history of the world!

Sadly there are still some, even on this site, who believe what they have been fed by the fake news media – the exact same media which give us the stats on Covid, tell us Climate Change is real, that Biden is more popular and received more votes than both Obama and Trump when he couldn’t even get out of his basement and that Ardern is doing a magnificent job of running the country and is a world leader of note. Bless!

Of course, any dissenting views of the election have been or are immediately purged from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter – the same way that the Democrat-supporting big tech companies covered up the solid evidence that came out about Biden’s corruption and payoffs from China and Ukraine prior to the election.

The first real forensic audit is now some 3 weeks along in Arizona and there are now others states that will follow. So to put things in perspective, all prior ‘audits’ were not audits at all. They were run by Democrat boards and the companies who supplied the corrupted voting machines and were akin to me marking my third form French exam and giving myself a 100% result rather than the 20% I did receive. There ended my love affair with all things Frog!

Of course, the lack of any truthful coverage of this audit and the lies perpetuated to date by the media will just make things worse when the right rise up as they will have no option but to do. As I said to my older sister who moved to NY in 1982 and now has a family and grandchildren there, if they don’t take it back soon, in another 3 months there will be nothing left to take back!

For those who still think the CNN fed news they receive is credible, and that I have a kangaroo loose in my top paddock, I suggest you go to the Mike Lindell site and start watching the evidence gathered that the Supreme Court will be unable to deny and which will either overturn the election or start a civil war – there is no other alternative.

The BFD | The Biggest Scam in History
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