The Blind leading the Blind in our Covid response

One of the sad realities of New Zealand is we lack the financial infrastructure to attract top experts in our educational fields.

Countries in Europe and various states in the U.S. sport the worlds leading learning centres. The Uk, Switzerland and the United states have all of the top 10 universities and technical institutes that attract the best of the best globally.

It is no wonder our brightest leave our shores for the attraction of going and working or studying at universities such as Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, MIT (no that is not Manukau), Harvard and ETH Zurich.

Auckland is the only University in New Zealand that makes the top 100 learning centres, which is pretty good. But is still in 85th place and a long way of the prestige of the top 10 where the aforementioned centres are located.

Otago is ranked 194 which I will come back to later in this post.

New Zealander, Dr Anne Wyllie, who is a Yale researcher, has criticised the government over months’ long delays in using saliva testing to get on top of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Dr. Anne Wyllie is an epidemiologist, unlike Dr. Michael Baker who is apparently our “leading epidemiologist, Dr. Wyllie has a PhD in Microbiology , a Masters degree in immunology and a Bachelor of Medicine specialising in Immunology and Microbiology.

She is now a research scientist in Epidemiology at Yale and is working very diligently on COVID-19 having recently been awarded a COVID-19 Research Award.

Michael Baker does not have a Phd in any fields of medicine, microbiology, immunology or epidemiology. He one upped his basic med school knowledge by obtaining a diploma in Public Health after qualifying as a GP.

He is a professor at Otago Universities Public Health department, and for rather obvious reasons doesn’t list any of his qualifications on his Otago Uni Public Health profile page

Both Dr. Baker and Dr Wyllie work in the Public Health department of universities. however, that is where their similarities end.

Dr. Wyllie has come out and claimed the following about the information coming from the New Zealand Government

“There’s so much misinformation out there even amongst the government that I’ve even heard on some of the daily briefings.

So the podium of truth is giving misinformation. Those of you who have followed us for a while know there is no end to the crap we are being dished but Dr. Wyllie continues.

“Things that are just downright wrong are being said by the prime minister with regards to saliva testing so misinformation amongst the government prevails.”

And what does Dr Wyllie think is the reason for this

“Jacinda Ardern has been given poor advice”

I wonder who could be giving her that poor advice, perhaps our “leading Epidemiologist”

Why do I pick on Dr Baker?

Well lets see. Anyone who tells you we can “lock down and jab our way to Elimination” is a fucking Moron in my humble opinion. What’s worse is apparently so many people believe it. Not just Joe Public either.

This is the strategy advice given to our Government from the likes of Baker, Wiles, Hendy and the marauding muppets who obviously are dumber than the dummy shelf at the local supermarket.

One only needs to look at Israel to see that the jab does not stop you getting or transmitting Delta. Israel was by far the quickest Country to double jab over 50% of their population, reaching 55 % fully vaccinated by April 1 this year.

They have now reached closer to 70% However, they also have one very interesting statistic to go with that reality.

Israel has the highest infection rate in the world.

Things that make you go mmmm.

They are already hoping the 4th jab might stem the high infections and they have all but ruled out lockdowns to try and stop the infections.

More concerning is that 80% of hospitalisation are those that are fully vaccinated. Given that their vaccination rate is under 70% at the time of writing, it doesn’t take a mathematical genius to work out that you can’t Jab and lock down your way to elimination. Unless you plan to stop all immigration or have a border that has a 100% record of stopping community transmission.

Professor Sir Andrew Pollard of Oxford University has said the following in regard to herd immunity recently.

The fact that vaccines did not stop the spread of Covid meant reaching the threshold for overall immunity in the population was “mythical”.

Another interesting comment from Pollard. “The time we would need to boost is if we see evidence that there was an increase in hospitalisation – or the next stage after that, which would be people dying – amongst those who are vaccinated. And that is not something we are seeing at the moment,” he said.

So back to the Blind leading the blind. As stated, the reality of New Zealand is not that we lack people with brains. It is that the good ones get offered jobs overseas at top universities and businesses. Top Dollars that we cant compete with.

So we get left with those picked last in those old school yard line ups.

Look at our General of Health Bloomfield. A political Dr. who specialised in (non)infectious disease, he joins a diploma in public health. Many of the advisors never reached higher than General Practitioner and are more at home being an administrative head of department rather than in the trenches walking the walk. The dream team just gets better and better.

So why is the elimination theory a mythical farce.

Because we are not going to keep our borders closed, Our Government are already planning on how we re open the border. We are not going to keep it as more and more of the world gets infected and we cannot stop transmission through jabs.

I would love some of our learned advisors to explain how the heck they are going to eliminate a virus where there is no vaccination available that stops its transmission.

We have to join the world again. Europe, the U.S. and other regions are back open for business. They have realised that we need to live with the disease and not hide from it.

How do we beat it?

When the Media and Government stop using fear to sell their advertising and agendas. Then we may get back to normality.

When the Celebrity Scientists remember that they have a job to do as “scientists” and are not entertainers looking to be in front of the camera at every opportunity. They may provide a more pragmatic attitude to the threat.

When the reality of how serious this disease is spoken about in the same way that we talk about other dangerous conditions such as influenza, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Then people can come out of their caves and realise that countries like the USA, the UK, Belgium, Sweden aren’t all dropping dead like flies.

Live healthily, get your exercise in, eat healthy food, get your vitamin D in you and if you feel at risk get the Jab.

A bit like how we treat every other troubling ailment.

But will the Socialist agenda driven politicians ever let that happen though.

That is our real virus.

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