The changing stories of Hydroxychloroquine.

In September last year I thought I would google “Hydroxychloroquine” (HCQ) to see what the google mind control lords wanted us to know about it.

First up was Pharmac, which is New Zealand’s drug purchasing organisation. They are NOT making HCQ available for Covid-19 because they want to preserve stocks for its intended use. Out of the 4 uses listed, half of them are for Malaria which is very prevalent in our subtropical mosquito’s, you know with all those tourists heading off to tropical destinations… oh wait

They go on to say there is no evidence it does anything. The Pharmac Quote word for word is, “There has not been any specific evidence to confirm its efficacy for this indication.”

However, next on the Google list is the World Health Organisation (WHO)” fact checker page. Surprise surprise, it also has the same message. “FACT: studies show HCQ does not have clinical benefits in treating COVID-19.

I decided to google it again 4bmonths on. first interesting search result was from the FDA stating in big block letters.

“FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems”

In small print after the heading, it goes on to say, “does not affect FDA-approved uses for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.”

This is quite interesting statement given the Fact-Checkers were saying it down right did bugger all in September last year.

Also, Pharmac are still restricting it, but they have removed the claim it does not do anything. I wonder why?

Seems the attitude has changed about the effects of this drug that has been around for quite some time. Long enough to know the potential effects of it are any way. Very strange the fact checkers have vanished saying it is useless

So, what is HCQ, and why is it so controversial?

The HCQ story starts in 1638, but the actual ingredient Quinine has been used (inadvertently) by Peruvian Incan Herbalists for an unknown length of time, perhaps thousands of years.

However, for Europeans the story starts in the 17th century where the wife of the Viceroy of Peru, Countess Cinchona, acquired malaria while living in the New World.

Rather than going through the normal procedure of bloodletting, she was treated by an Incan herbalist with the bark of a tree (eventually, named for the countess-Cinchona Tree).

Her response was dramatic; when the Viceroy returned to Spain, he brought with him large supplies of the powder for general use, which at the time was controlled by the Church and was thus called “Jesuit’s Powder”. 

It would be two centuries later that the active substance Quinine was to be isolated from the bark, and it became well known as a tonic to be added to gin.

Quinine became the new way of treating malaria in folk medicines and patent remedies. By the 1940’s the derivative of quinine “chloroquine was recognised for its anti malarial properties and was used among troops fighting in the pacific in WW-II.

However, this form of the treatment was found to have significant toxicities and in 1945, a modification via hydroxylation led to HCQ which was found to be less toxic and hasn’t changed till this day.

Over time HCQ was trialled on other illnesses, in the 1950’s it was started to be used for Lupus. Lupus being an Autoimmune disease where the body’s defence system attacks its own healthy tissue. It proved to be the best treatment discovered for this disease and remains in use today for treating this very unfortunate ailment.

It was then found to work well in combination with 2 other compounds in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It became a popular combination therapy in the 1980’s and led to more recent studies showing pleasing results when combining HCQ with MTX and sulfasalazine.

Interestingly, most of the science regarding How HCQ actually works is speculation. There is understanding on aspects of how it helps in reducing inflammation and immune responses. This knowledge is mainly due to the studies done on its effect on Lupus sufferers. However, outside that there is no solid understanding of its mechanisms.

It has a remarkable ability to stop Lupus flares and is increased Lupus survival in patients by 70%

So, it prevents malaria, is the best treatment for Lupus and in combination with others helps with Arthritis. But it does not stop there. Patients with RA treated with HCQ had a decreased likelihood of developing Diabetes compared to those not taking medication. On top of this it reduced cardiovascular events by 70%. Unfortunately, just when it was thought to be a miracle cure all, Sjogrens Syndrome, another autoimmune disease where the sufferer’s immune system destroys the glands that produce tears and saliva, had disappointing result.

In terms of the harm, it can cause there have been plenty of studies. This is understandable given it has been used in its current form for 75 years.

Most notable is retina damage which can lead to blindness, but this is an increasing risk for long term use. It increases 1% for every year a patient is on the medication.

All in all, it is deemed a very safe drug to take. Most feel it is safe to take during pregnancy with tests cases showing no difference to normal pregnancy.

This is a wonder drug that has over 4 centuries of heritage but suddenly it has become the villain of the world.

Why is this?

Its use in COVID-19 has very different messages from authorities to authoritarians

The WHO is warning of its use, claiming there is no evidence it is any good.

The media have joined forces and remarkably there has been varying usage in each of the states in America depending on if they are Democrat or Republican. No prize for guessing why here.

Despite this so-called lack of evidence, we are learning every day of doctors using HCQ and reporting excellent results. The key being using it early.

There is a study that is cited by the naysayers. HCQ was given to veterans who were in the late stages of the disease and were dying of complications from COVID. They were given HCQ and they died, and rather than learning that it is to be used for early stages, this was evidence needed to spread the word that HCQ doesn’t work.

Recent studies however show an 84% reduction in hospitalisations in the US and a 50% reduction in deaths. It isn’t a peer reviewed study and has some control shortcomings but is a damn sight better than the veterans study used by the complicit media and their puppet masters the WHO.

Italian Doctors have found that if taken within 8 to 12 hours it decreases death by 60%

The key with HCQ is it needs to be taken in conjunction with Zinc, US physicians reported 45% reduction in mortality and another study showed using HCQ with Zinc provided a rapid resolution to shortness of breath due to COVID-19.  

Also, HCQ is touted as a very dangerous drugs with side effects.

This 75-year-old drug is found to be mostly harmless. Unless you are on it for years where you may have retinal damage, it has shown to have minimal side effects. Given you only need to take it for a short time with Covid-19 it would appear it is harmless.

So, it works for COVID treatment, it has little to no harmful side effects – what could it be that makes the use of this drug dissuaded so powerfully

I then googled the price of HCQ. The recommendation for prevention and early treatment of Covid-19 is 400mg per day with 75 to 140 mg of zinc. Zinc can be bought off the shelf for $30 but HCQ is a prescription medication.

The retail price of one hundred 200 mg tablets is $37 USD.

And there we have it, for under $100 you can treat a couple for up to 25 days should they catch a COVID infection early.

If there was ever a reason to justify defunding the WHO, and there has been quite a few in the past years. This deliberate attempt to stop the use of HCQ is criminal in the least, and reason enough to stop paying our tax dollars to them.

Yet the U.N. and its partners manage to be the unelected leaders that increasingly get their talons on our lives. It must stop.


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