The Child PM Strikes Again!

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The worlds most transparent, open & honest PM has just finished her last public press address. When asked about Ihuamatao, she said that it would take Govt intervention and this would be resolved in due course. That was her last public appearance for the year.
Well guess what cherubs, not a few hours later her govt announced they were not only buying back the land for $30 million of our taxpayer money, but also the protesters would be invited to be part of the panel to decide what happens to it.
She knew about this of course during her press speech, but once again deflected to avoid the truth. Now she can’t be approached about it.
And THIS is the idiotic socialist PM that started this whole disaster in the first place, by stepping in when it had nothing to do with her or the taxpayer.
Stay tuned for heaps more like this as we settle down on the path to total racial division.

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