The cooling continues but we still throw money at a hoax

Since the beginning of 2020 the earth has been in a cooling period. it is predicted to continue to 2030.

The temperature has dropped to a fraction below the 40 year average and this equates to a 0.6 of a degree Celsius drop from January 2020.

The temperature is now the same as it was in 1980.

C02 continues to rise, but as any scientist with an ounce of credibility has worked out now, C02 is not the climate driver they thought it was.

Climate models where designed with the assumption that C02 was the driver of warming. The theory was that the earth is in a state of equilibrium. You know all that “energy in, energy out”law of physics and stuff?

The globe was in a constant state of balance and so it could only be C02, as C02 is a greenhouse gas and is created from all those nasty oil companies giving us energy supply.

All they needed to do was calculate the effect of CO2 and the models would show us that the world was going to burn our children into steam fried climate refugees.

What other physicists had calculated well before the climate modellers came along, is that the effect of C02 on warming had already taken place. I.e. adding more C02 to the atmosphere makes no more difference to the heat. This is due to the long wave wavelengths it absorbs being predominately absorbed by the more plentiful H2O in the atmosphere.

It is like how putting another cat flap in your kitchen door doesn’t give you more cats.

The fact that this is knowledge that has been known for over 100 years makes the noisy climate crises a rather sick joke.

New Zealand is heading down a costly road to try and look like a responsible nation when it comes to emissions.

Hundreds of millions of public funds are being pledged to reducing one of the single most beneficial elements on earth.

Meanwhile organisations like Pharmac are telling children who need life saving medication, that they will need to do without.

There is never enough in any budget for health, no matter how much you give them. Of course you can’t save everyone, but whilst Ardern adds to her U.N. CV application. Parents are having to say goodbye to their children as they die from disease that we don’t have money for.

But saving lives is more important than money we were told during lockdown. Obviously not when it comes to children with cancer and money for a hoax.

Labour voters are voting for this kindness by ignorantly believing the climate catastrophe and handing the baubles of power to a leader that cares more about looking good rather than doing good.

Hate speech, climate change, internet censorship and all these other woke crusades come second to looking after the interests of those children that need it.

There is no evidence of a climate emergency. Calling every forest fire, every tropical storm and now a colder than normal winter signs of climate change are not evidence of a climate emergency, they are the climate- you know that unpredictable thing that we try and predict and get wrong. There are no trends pointing to anything climate wise.

We have an unelected group of people who use propaganda to influence the decisions of our policy makers. The IPCC who take advice from anyone who starts their research with the word “carbon”

They could tell us the world was flat and we need to build a wall around the ocean to stop the water falling off. 70% of the world would believe it and the politicians would send the cash.

It’s going to continue to cool for some time yet so perhaps when we hit a 1 degree drop it might make the news.

The argument the avid climate alarmist use is that the retained heat can’t go anywhere due to the increase in CO2.

If this is the case how are we back at 1980 temperatures with 30% more C02?

Seems it hasn’t been retained doesn’t it? While the northern hemisphere await spring weather to finally arrive, you have climate emergencies declared in the IS giving access to politicians to spend what they want on this hoax.

And don’t get me started on methane.

Ok…methane is so rare in the atmosphere that many climate models ignored methane.

Whilst these gasses do absorb infra red wavelengths you can’t absorb the same warmth 2 or 3 times. If H20 has already absorbed it, then the methane and other gases are irrelevant.

Video coming on all this lunacy soon

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