The CORONA virus was being developed as a bio weapon

So it is known by the US state department that the development of a bio weapon was the reason of the research conducted on the Covid-19 causing virus.

It’s now just a question of whether it was released on purpose or was it an accidental leak.

This is according to several experts at a recent origin of Covid hearing

Watch this testimony from some seriously in the know doctors below. See what they believe is the origin of the virus.

Spoiler alert – it was gain of function research in the Wuhan lab.

According to our media last week this is a wild conspiracy theory based on no evidence.

Interesting that many virologists don’t agree with this notion that’s it’s a wild conspiracy.

The lack of evidence is that it came from a wet market.

But as we know our leaders never let the truth get in the way of a story.

Regardless of weather it was an accidental leak or not, the virus has been weaponised in various ways.

Whilst some leaders gained popularity by using the attention and fear of the population to their advantage. Such as the “one source of truth” Ardern.

Others suffered by their political foes using it against them. Such as Donald Trump.

It has been used to give a huge cash injection to the stakeholders of the tech companies who are getting their rushed vaccines to market.

And it is being used to control populations with forcing lockdowns, mask wearing and pushing trial incomplete gene therapy medication en mass.

What ever happened in that lab, this has been turned into an act of war by our politicians. Unfortunately the act is on the people.

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