The declassified docs the FBI never wanted the public to see.

Exculpatory evidence must be provided to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) that could be seen as providing strong evidence that the application isn’t warranted.

Carter Page, who was the target for surveillance of the Trump team on the now debunked Russia Collusion claims, was recorded in a sting job repeatedly rubbishing he has any links to Russia.

This recorded conversation from an informant, where Page can be heard repeatedly denouncing any involvement with Russia, never made it to the FISA court.

This is the pure definition of exculpatory evidence, as in the FISA court your only defence (in the absence of representation) is the evidence of you not being guilty of doing the things you are accused.

Unknowingly and assuming he was in a confidential conversation with a fellow intellectual, who was actually wearing a wire, Page unwittingly showed his innocence.

This evidence would have surely stopped the FISA court issuing and reissuing surveillance permits to allow the FBI to spy on Trumps team.

However, in the absence of such compelling evidence of no wrong doing, the court sided with the FBI.

Carter page has a strong case now and it will be a matter of how much the Government will need to pay Carter Page as apposed to if he will win. Assuming he doesn’t get a dirty judge.

There are still those who don’t believe the FBI spied on Trumps campaign team and that they were indeed colluding with Russia.

I wonder if the case of Page vs FBI might put an end to the lies.

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