The Digital Revolution

Even if you are convinced Bitcoin’s going to drop in price from the current $48,000 USD anytime soon, why would that matter when you don’t intend to sell? Why would you want to sell the most sophisticated store of wealth humankind has ever known?! This truly is the answer to all of mankind’s problems. The revelation this time is that it removes the problem, (humans) from the most trusted decision making of our lives, therefore creating a perfect system! Unable to be corrupted! “Boom Shanka” as Neil from “The Young Ones” once poetically said!

You’re just lucky you are hearing about it before 98% of the planet takes it seriously! No really, Crypto is approx a 2% adoption rate as we speak. The vast majority of the planet has never heard about it & if they have are currently dismissing it & those left have never heard of it all. 2 million per week are waking up to this digital revolution, that is a faster adoption rate than anytime in human history including the internet 20yrs ago & I can tell you why! We live in the age of information now, we have never been this connected before with such high powered devices & were just getting started! Approx 30% of the world is unbanked! And thanks to Elon Musk’s Space X, he recently launched “Starlink”. This is a chain of low orbit high speed internet delivering satellites that plan to “light up” the entire planet with cheap, high speed internet to every square inch of Earth. Think about that for a minute, the poorest people on earth are about to get online! And to boot, Crypto currencies like Bitcoin aren’t subject to the massive inflation that has already started with the bullshit Fiat currency that the elites have milked for ever in a day. The tide is turning!

The internet 3.0 is upon us & if you are reading this & acting, you’re an early adopter in the greatest leap in human history to date!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity & fortunes have already been made!

What’s the best approach? While i’m not a financial advisor, I advise an approach somewhere between these two points…

  1. Sensible, conservative approach, the type your mother would give you: Only put in what you don’t need access to in 2yrs – 5yrs.
  2. I’ve been known to jump out of perfectly good airplanes & wrestle tigers type advice: Bet the farm & bet it all now!

Be sure to come back to this post at Christmas time 2021, BTC will be @ $100,000 USD then your only regret will be, that you didn’t buy more!

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