The Dilemma

So a lot of people are correctly pointing out that in a country with very high vaccination rates, most cases will be transmitted by the vaccinated, and that this doesn’t mean that the vaccination does not work. To take that to an extreme to make the point, if 100% have Covid, then it will be spread by vaccinated people 100% of the time.

Two points that I want to make, the first being that our cases seem to be skyrocketing in correlation with our vaccination rates. Before vaccination we had very low cases. The second point is the illusive obvious that I think everyone is missing and completely destroys the logic behind a vaccine passport system.

If you are in a restaurant and over 80% of the people are vaccinated then you are most likely to catch covid from someone who is vaccinated. This is not in dispute, it’s clearly written in this official document. So the 80%+ pose a higher threat to you than the 20% or less people who are not vaccinated. Do you see where I’m going with this?

The vaccinated group is the higher risk group because of how many of them there are. So if you had to either party, dine, or workout with 80 vaccinated people or 20 unvaccinated people it would be less risky to be amongst the smaller group of unvaccinated people. That is why banning this small group of people from public life is completely illogical. You have already accepted a higher risk by being among the vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness and are then monitored closely.Source: World Health OrganizationGet Vaccine Info

By Mark Foo

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