The Dirty Greens

There is no political party in New Zealand more fraudulent than the NZ Greens. There is no Party leader more dishonest than James Shaw.
In 2019 The Green party’s co-leader James Shaw spent more on international air travel than any other minister.

The Climate Change Minister had $77,771 approved for international travel from October to the end of December, compared to $54,487 for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, data from the Department of Internal Affairs shows.

No other minister’s international travel expenses came close to Mr Shaw’s total.

But the real fraudulence of the Dirty Greens is their support and campaigning for more immigration.
The Green Party’s of the past have been opposed to immigration as humans are the only cause of pollution and environmental destruction on the planet.
But the Greens took on a more deceitful and dishonest face when they enrolled candidates like Golriz Ghahraman and Julie Ann-Genter, two women not born in NZ with their own personal agendas.

While James Shaw has been in Parliament the greatest period of environmental destruction in New Zealand history has taken place, especially around the outskirts of Auckland, as New Zealand has seen the greatest period of immigration in history.

If you look at the data that’s available from Councils and government agencies it shows that since 2008 more Air pollution, Landfill waste, Lake pollution, Beach contamination, Sea contamination, and destruction of greenfields for housing has occurred than during any other 23 year period in history.
All of the pollution is tied to humans and the increases are all tied to population growth.

Shaw and his band of Dirty Greens have never once said a thing, in fact they have campaigned for it!

There are no bunch of people in New Zealand with less integrity than the Dirty NZ Green Party members.

Well said NZ Observer!

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