The E.U. Changes it’s tune on Rubles for gas from Russia

I guess the campaign to take a shorter shower and say, “take that Putin” when you turn off the shower, didn’t wash with the European public.

Slowly the EU is realising it’s playing poker with a hand that has little to no chance of winning.

The Union is now playing gymnastics with how to do what Russia has asked, whilst “technically” not breaching the sanctions they put on Russia.

It reminds me of a person I once knew who was addicted to gambling. Realising this was unhealthy for his finances and his marriage, he had himself banned from the casino. I didn’t realise you could do that but it’s a real thing. You officially have yourself banned from the casino so that if you have the urge to go and gamble, security will remove you from the premises.

This particular character then still wanted to gamble so had to then wear a clever disguise every time he wanted to go to the casino to be able to avoid being removed.

Europe’s need for gas, and the absolute carnage many would suffer if they were to be cut off by Russia. Has lead to the Union working out how it can adopt the payment system that Russia has created and demanded be used for the countries to pay in Rubles for Russian gas.

Seems opening a Gazprom bank account and paying in euros won’t necessarily breach sanctions.

Meanwhile the sanctions have also seen Russias oil exports surge in April

The Ruble is trading back in a higher range than prior to the sanctions that was meant to crash their currency and financial systems

When you are a commodity based country with products other countries don’t just want but rely on. Well sanctions against you might just not work the way the countries sanctioning you intended.

The sanctions own goal is not just limited to Europe.

Biden is sending the US emergency supplies of oil to Europe in an attempt to make global oil prices go down. However this is just depleting oil that will need to be replaced and the price of Oil and Gas is heading north meaning all Biden has achieved is to Make Russia Great Again.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the US treasury secretary Janet Yellen who has pointed out that the sanctioning of oil and gas is pushing the price up, is damaging Europe and is having very little negative effect on Russia.

The down side of all this is that the neocons and neoliberals have no reverse gear. Admitting they made a colossal mistake in how they are handling the Ukraine affair is not an option.

This means escalation is a likely option. Particularly when there is an upside for all the arms manufacturers.

The largest arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin share price had a little surge recently. How many has Nancy Pelosi and her mates in Congress purchased I wonder

When the military start to sell the idea that you can win a Nuclear War. Well you know we have reached peak stupidity
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