The emperor has no clothes.

Cindy’s get a booster video, 13,488 reactions

5,481 laughing 40.63%
3,738 likes 27.71%
3,066 angry 22.73%
902 love 6.68%
139 care 1.03%
99 sad 0.73%
63 wow 0.47%

64.09% laughed or were angered.

Your perception that the masses are in agreement with the government is incorrect.

The polls may indicate Cindy’s government still has a majority but they don’t match what we can see with our own eyes. And when you consider an ever increasing number of people are blocked from using the reaction button or commenting on her posts its even higher than this indicates!

It’s all over Cindy!!! And not a moment too soon!

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Jacinda Ardern 27 January at 15:04 If could ask just one thing of everyone today it would be this- please get a booster. Source: News Now most countries have not had the ability to get boosted before they ve seen widespread outbreak we do."
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