The Fly in the Ointment

Whilst the MSM continue to pretend that Biden’s Inauguration as the 46th POTUS is now a walk in the park. Those loyal to Trump have a different idea.

Approximately one third of the voters in the last election (53 million people) don’t believe the election was a genuine result.

Fortunately for them, a crucial step in airing the dirty laundry (otherwise known as evidence of a dodgy election) may be forced to be listened to.

House representatives can object about the declaration of the next President. But without the backing of a Senator, these objections are as much use as a cat flap in an Elephant house.

Many commentators have been quick to say no Senator will back an objection, which would automatically initiated a debate as to who should be given the votes to become the next President.

Well it seems we have Senators ready to join any objections from house representatives.

It is an open and frank discussion that many desire about what happened in the wee hours that transformed a convincing Trump win to a record amount of votes for Biden.

It looks like Ron Johnson is set to put his name in the hat as the Senator who will force this debate.

He is also not alone with Rand Paul also making noises that he is happy to join Ron Johnson in the ointment.

There is at least one more senator who has claimed that they may lodge an objection.

This will throw the electoral votes into a contested selection and force a debate of the legitimacy of the electoral college votes counting for Biden.

It will of course take further legitimate information that puts the election results in doubt, for this debate over electoral votes to be considered suitable to halt Biden becoming President. The coming few days will need to provide sufficient fuel to the fire to have enough Senators and/or V.P. Pence to change the current 306 votes Biden has.

Irregularities with voting machines, unconstitutional voting practices and evidence of fraud will be key. If the 2018 executive order of Trump requiring confirmation that no foreign influence occurred in the election, reveals that the breach of the Solarwinds programme gave foreign entities the ability to change the election. Well, then it is all on.

Senator Mitch McConnell has warned senators against upsetting the transition to Biden. but McConnel is also coming under fire for halting legislation to ensure more security around voting machines. Ensuring they weren’t susceptible to interference has the unfortunate timing of McConnel receiving large financial contributions from several voting machines manufacturer lobbyists.

This has a lot of people wondering that his enthusiastic speech embracing the new President and Vice President elect, is because the sooner this election is swept under the carpet the better, as far as he is concerned.

With 7 states having duelling electors, at least 3 senators making noises about objecting to the electors votes and more info coming out regarding foreign interference. It seems there is still plenty of life left in Trumps bid to remain the POTUS for another 4 years.

You know what that will bring now don’t you.

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