The forgotten benefits of Co2

Plant abuse is the basics of it really…

Plants are living in famine like conditions with how little Co2 there is in the atmosphere, and with the sudden onset of an increase of it in recent times, the humans have decided that this is bad.

So first things first, Co2 is the basis of life. Just take a breath look up to the sky and thank this inert, invisible gas. Tell your friends you love co2 because that is why life exists.

Ironic isn’t it, that now it is deemed an existential threat to life?

So it’s time to stick up for Co2. We aren’t the only ones to come up with that idea and here is a paper that shows us why Co2 is good

There is more reasons to call Co2 a green house gas than the computer model definition.

It’s because it does the following

  • Increase food supply
  • Hardier plants
  • Drought resistant plants
  • Greener planet
  • More productive lands
  • Less reliance on water
  • more stable climate

But the politicians need to have a cause to unite the people against a villain, one that they will protect us against.

Didn’t Obama and Biden already heel the planet anyway

Obama has retired to a waterfront property so job done isn’t it?

I think it’s time we had T-shirts made up promoting Co2 – would you wear one?

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