The good, the bad and the ugly

Israel has gone down the Pfizer route with controlling COVID-19, as has NZ. However, Israel has a much higher proportion of its residents fully vaccinated.

Israel secured the vaccine in much higher volumes of doses than NZ as they paid a premium, lobbied Pfizer a lot more effectively and importantly, offered to provide data on efficacy and ongoing issues.

This data provision is because the vaccine trial still continues, with analysis required on long term health issues as well as efficacy levels.

This data is being provided and let’s us look at the good, the bad and the ugly of what is coming out of Israel.

Let’s start with the good, albeit a double edged sword of sorts.

Those who have been vaccinated and catch Covid (yes you read that right), based on current data vaccinated people who get Covid have a 1.4% chance of developing a serious infection, which is down from 4% previously.

So the protection of the jab, at this stage seems to be a reduction in the seriousness of infections. So let’s call that good.

The bad

60% of people who are in a serious condition are vaccinated and they are expecting the number of hospitalisation to be on the rise. By mid August they are anticipating over 100 serious hospitalisations. Still down from 350 in April though.

The Ugly

The fact that fully vaccinated people are getting infected. The blame is the Delta variant, which is also seeing countries with high vaccine roll outs having new surges of infections. The UK is rapidly getting back infections at rates closing in on previous highs.

In Israel 90% of the new infections over the age of 50 are fully vaccinated.

The Government is in discussions with health officials about what they do now to control the disease.

Israel has even found itself once again being added to some countries travel ban lists, due to the reemergence of the virus.

The trial continues and the next few months will be very interesting.

Israel is still encouraging its residents to get vaccinated with the Pfizer treatment.

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