The Graph that concludes the futility of lock downs

Yes Sweden. The rebellious Swedes and the crazy notion that we dont need to lock down has proven to be correct.

We are now almost 18 months into this new reality of a world where Corona is no longer just a bland Mexican beer.

Sweden copped a lot of flack for its relaxed response to the Corona Virus outbreak. Articles demonising the liberal nation and its rebellious health advisor appeared in many MSM outlets. but now as we come to grips of the reality of the threat we see that lock downs, closing businesses and all the draconian efforts to go hard and early, in real terms mean nothing.

Many Kiwis choose to believe that Ardern saved the day. Even though we had a border control as effective as the preverbal cat flap in an elephant house. Odds are we would have been better off if Ardern pretended the virus didnt exist.

We have kept the virus off our shores, yet we wait for it to arrive.

And arrive it will. While we are busy getting vaccinated, with some deluded expectation that this will make any difference to our reality when it does arrive. We ignore that graph above. What does it show exactly? It shows that every one is destined to go through a similar reality when it arrives.

We will lose some people (mostly old) and we will then have to wait to see how the vaccination has helped. Will it be of any use? or will the age old reality of how a rapidly mutating virus will easily become non affected by a vaccine become the reality? A vaccine that everyone took as part of a global medical experiment thinking it would end the threat?

Oh how silly the world has become

Back to Sweden, who didn’t lock down, close schools, wear masks and destroy their economy. Look at the result compared the the rest of Europe or the States. They ended up a little bit better off without the madness.

Do you get it yet?

We have nothing to fear but liberals in power.

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