The Great Awakeing!

Check out the story below, straight from the incredible events taking place in Canada right now! The masses are waking up in ever growing numbers! This has literally set a Guinness world record for the longest convoy in the history of the world @ 44 Miles long!!!


I’m here to tell you all the story of my day today from where I live, just outside of Edmonton.

I was at the truck stop this morning dropping my husband back off at his truck. A driver pulled up beside us, jumped out and walked across the street seemingly in a hurry to go grab a timmies. As he’s coming back, still in a hurry, he’s smiling, waves to us, jumps in his rig and leaves.

Over the last couple of years, there was no skip. I then go to the grocery store, over the last couple of years people have been keeping to themselves, not today! Total strangers were talking, laughing and helping each other out. A couple of old men were boasting about how the convoy is changing Canada for the better, the pride in their eyes was unreal.

Same story at the next 2 stores I went into. I had a little old lady approach out of no where to ask me if I’ve heard about what all of these truckers were doing. I said I sure do! And we stood there for a good 10 mins discussing it and what we each did to do our part in it all. She was totally V’d and just done with it all. She wanted her freedom back. IT’S WORKING!

The energy and vibe of Canadians have changed over the last week. Hope and faith have been restored and people already feel more at ease that a large group is on their side fighting for freedom

🇨🇦 keep on keepin on ✌🏼

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