The Great Reset

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5 months ago, Klaus Schwab was interviewed on CNBC where he outlined how Covid-19 has fast tracked The Great Reset, which is centered on the Green movement (Labour – Greens coalition is important in moving this agenda forward in NZ). His vision is of a digital world where we connect digitally not physically. He discusses the growing global debt crisis (which will lead to a global financial reset) and destruction of traditional businesses matter of factly.

With all these elites, including the Gates, and the leaders around the world locking down their countries and States you will see one thing in common: ZERO empathy for the lives they are destroying.



Original quotes from WEF founder Klaus Schwab’s recent book The Great Reset, what impact Covid19 will have on the world:

“These sober-sounding descriptions are embedded in an emotional tenor of alarmism on the one hand and promise on the other.

As an example, here are some original quotes of the biggest assumed threats.

  • The COVID-19 crisis will plunge us into the most difficult times we have faced in generations.
  • Millions of businesses will go under.
  • The shock to the world economy caused by the lockdown is the most severe and abrupt yet in recorded economic history.
  • There will be a global labor market crisis of enormous proportions.
  • One of the greatest dangers for the post-pandemic period is social unrest.
  • In some extreme cases, this could lead to the disintegration of society and political collapse.
  • For many such states, the pandemic will be the exogenous shock that causes them to fail and sink even further.
  • One of the most obvious consequences for the richer parts of the world of economic misery is that the discontent and hunger in the most fragile and poorest states will trigger a new wave of mass migration in their direction.
  • A return to business as usual won’t happen because it can’t happen.

After the Great Reset, the world shall then be a wonderful place.

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