The great Sir Ray Avery

a New Zealand legend – has been increasingly vocal in his opposition to the catastrophe he sees us heading towards.

Sir Ray’s incredible track record of saving and improving lives worldwide, on a massive scale, is hard to beat – and he has graciously permitted us to reproduce his recent Linkedin post in its entirety, as follows:

TO: Prime Minister Jacinda Adern

The Governments Covid mitigation plan is akin to the old days where Jacinda Adern would be holding up an A-Z roadmap, looking for street signs and telling Ashley Bloomfield which turn to look out for on the road ahead. The reality is we were lost, day one, by starting off on the wrong road to Covid elimination. This turned out to be a cul-de-sac and we are back where we were nearly two years ago in Lockdown still trying to flatten the curve to prevent our failing Hospitals from becoming overwhelmed by Covid patients.

Millions of dollars has been spent on University academics who have no practical experience in the prevention of infectious diseases and who use theoretical models to predict how many Covid infections will occur is like asking a blind man for directions. We need to get out the Sat Nav and key in a destination because the Sat Nav has a plan and can provide the safest and quickest route to our final destination.

The key objective for any leader is to look after the health and wellbeing of their people and in this regard our Prime Minister has failed her people. Implementing one of the most draconian Global lockdown strategies to attempt to reduce Covid numbers and not factoring in the effects of these strategies on the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders is a road to disaster. None of the Covid modelling strategies or the Governments Covid prevention plans have included long-term strategies to minimize the negative flow on effects that ongoing lockdowns have on the health and wellbeing and ongoing financial security of our people.

By way of example 84,991 Hospital patient procedures have been cancelled since lockdowns began. Tens of thousands of breast and bowel cancer screenings will not take place because the Government has not invested in Hospitals as part of its Covid mitigation strategy. The Government has no plans to address these problems. Every day NZ police file around 450 domestic violence reports.

Foodbanks abound in our new NZ. Our domestic violence and mental health agencies are overwhelmed as families are pressed together with increasing financial and emotional pressures and no sign of relief on the road ahead. New Zealand has one of the lowest Covid Case Related Mortality rates in the world. This has nothing to do with the Governments Covid strategy but is due to being an island nation with a small population, low population density and social and environmental conditions which prevent high viral loads of Covid being transmitted in the community.

We need a holistic long term science based Covid plan that looks after the overall health and wellbeing of our people rather than taking directions from someone with an outdated map and no plan for the journey ahead. Because otherwise in 2022 we will still be saying ARE WE THERE YET?

Sir Ray

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