The Greatest Theft In NZ History

‘He Puapua’ will not concern Kiwis,’ Jacinda Ardern lied to us.

He Puaoua would not give Maori special rights she told us. ( even though that was the whole purpose of the report) and even though it suggests making Waitangi Tribunal recommendations binding, and paying royalties to Māori for natural resources such as water and petrol.

In a report released today The Government is proposing to establish four publicly-owned entities to take responsibility for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure to stop average household bills reaching $9000 by 2051.

A report by the Water Industry Commission for Scotland ( who? why?) estimates that New Zealand will need to invest between $120 billion to $185 billion on water infrastructure over the next 30 years to meet standards and provide for future population growth.

Willie Jackson who spearheads the separatist movement inside the Labour Party will be watching with interest the public reaction to their latest proposal to confiscate the water rights and infrastructure from councils all around New Zealand and place them in the hands of the Labour government to manage and charge for, as they wish.
The proposal is being drip-fed to the public by suggesting that Councils voluntarily surrender their ratepayer’s water infrastructure for Jacinda to look after!

But the proposal leaves wide open the opportunity to pass legislation and acquire all the assets if they so wish.

The most deceitful part of the report is the suggestion that government could help out financially with the cost of upgrading infrastructure that is required because of catastrophic immigration, a policy the UN devotee Ardern seems intent on destroying New Zealand under.
But the New Zealand government is $114 billion dollars in debt ! It is the most ever owed by a government. Ardern has never once talked about a plan to pay back the debt mountain and it continues to grow daily. Ardern’s government is in a worse debt position than most councils and has no ability to ‘help with water infrastructure’ unless it ‘jacks’ up prices.

Ministers like Willie Jackson have been trying for years to get Maori ownership of New Zealand’s water rights and stealing it from ratepayers might just be the most brazen in your face way of doing it!
You would put nothing past this gang of thieves and liars.

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