The honeymoon is over

If there is one thing I have noticed with leaders, is how much they age in their second term. There seems to be a noticeable greying and aging that can only come from a stressful position.

The reality with the way that Adrian Orr is managing our fiscal matters, is housing is going to continue to go up at a rapid rate.

No amount of taxing or other sensible management will stop this reality. Even if Labour knew what to do it would still be a long battle to curb the rapid rate of increase

Given that a large part of what put Ardern in power was their narrative on housing and that they will improve everyone’s “well being” (can’t wait for the next “wellbeing” budget). The reality is the next term is going to be tough.

The press will no longer be as kind to her and the economy will ensure that on the whole many will be worse off than they are now.

So what will ardern look like at the end of this term?

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