The hypocrisy is on steroids

Mahuta on cultural differences

Whilst I believe in a country that should have equal rights for all its citizens, I also hold some belief that there is good in supporting maori into opportunities that they may have struggled into without a leg up.

I guess I’m showing a little of my own hypocrisy there, as I also have the argument that every man and woman has to fight for their place in the world and unless you were born into a wealthy family you start with nothing.

Of course, according to some, if you were born with a certain pale coloured skin you have an unfair advantage. However if you can make claim to being Maori there are state funded benefits there to take advantage of. So maybe we can call it even Stevens. I’ll ask Steve what he thinks

So being an advocate of supporting Maori is no doubt something well paid ministers such as Nania Mahuta agree with.

Mahuta, as foreign minister has an important role. One in such a woke government is certainly supporting the plight of the minorities of the world.

It is therefore quite surprising that our woke media and woker government can think they will get away with cuddling up to a nation that is the latest offender of mass genocide of a minority population .

To not do so is almost like they would have supported the English, if rather than signing a treaty, they just came in and rounded up the Maori and locked them up and sold them off as slaves.

So which one is it Labour? is it ok to remove a population from their land so you can use its resources or is that bad and should be denounced.

Future treaty claims may need to take this stance into account Mrs Mahuta.

I see the press are trying to spin this as a New Zealand thing. We have the right to our own independent thought and fuck the rest of the world and the five eyes agreement. Who do they think they are and don’t they know who we are?

A stuff journalist put this typical spin on the issue when commenting on Mahuta stance “She also noted the vast differences on human rights and democracy. Nothing new there.’

So it’s a cultural thing? Maybe the Nazi’s on trial should have used that argument. Killing millions of Jews and other non Arian religious figures was just a cultural thing.

Give me a break. Everyone wants to tell other countries what they can and can’t do unless that country has a big arse army and pays your bills. Then it’s cultural.

New Zealand under the identity that Ardern’s government wants to give us will end up a used and abused basket case of a nation living in isolation of western countries and at the whim of a tyrannical nation.

And 62% of us are crying lead follow or get out of the way.

No wonder the brain drain has resumed.

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