The inconvenient data

Climate data tells us many things.

It tells us that for 50 years there has been a very gradual warming.

Climate data tells us over that same time, that there has been an annual variation of temperature of plus/minus 1 to 1.5 degree Celsius from warmer to cool periods.

It tells us that there is no current measurable link between tropical cyclones and human activity.

It tells us when we have had more droughts, less floods or vice versa, and it tells us the losses and gains in polar ice, glaciers activity and snow fall.

One of the biggest things the data shows, is how an agenda driven organisation has absolutely no challenge in manipulating or downright falsifying the data.

Once again our data expert Tony Heller gives us a good look at what the “science” is telling us after the spin “science” dr’s have finished with it.

Watch the video below for a great analysis of observational versus published data and the changes over time.

The raw data is available from the agencies, which Tony downloads to recreate the actual record.

When observational data doesn’t match the desired theory, it is now all to easy for those in charge of showing us the data, to manipulate it.

They know that most won’t bother checking. If it wasn’t for the scientists brave enough to speak out, challenge the narrative and speak the truth, then the real climate history would die in the darkness.

It comes at a cost to many of the scientists out there such as Roy Spencer, William Happer, Richard Linzden, Judith Curry, Patrick Michael’s, Patrick Moore, Tim Ball, the list goes on and on of top scientists at prestigious learning centres who have all either contributed to being government advisors, IPCC panel reports and one even was the founding member of Green Peace. Who get labelled as sell outs or climate deniers because they don’t agree with the man made climate theory. and so that’s why we are Sharing here for all who cares to look into it can get an understanding of the hoax we are all taking part of.

Our history is being rewritten in front of our eyes.

Warmer periods in the past, where it was better for mankind, are being cooled in our history books.

Cooler periods that were the cause of droughts and hardship are now having warming being blamed for these adverse climate events. That cooler climates brought.

Check out the data and many more historical records that show not only is the past being tampered with but the models predicting the future are just as bad

http://www.real climate science.cim.

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