The Inconvenient Truth of No Fossil Fuels

For many years the activists organised strikes, marches and protests in the name of CO2 induced warming of the planet. Warming that was doing something devilish to our globe, even though no one really knows what.

We are going to burn alive, drown in waves of rising sea levels or kill the Polar Bear. How dare you the youth cried.

Putting aside this is all based on junk science and there is no empirical evidence behind CO2’s sinister affect on the climate. The real Irony is now the nations that were crying the most about all this Climate change are now having to revert to fossil fuels to satisfy their power requirements, and the only thing they are upset about is the price.

The wind hasn’t been blowing, the rain hasn’t fallen on the right water catchment areas and the Russians are turning off the gas which is leaving many European nations without enough energy to power their economies. Everyone is feeling the price of petrol in their car and the outcome of this forced reduction in Fossil Fuel? Burn more coal and lets protest the price of fuel.

It is what we have been saying for years now. e need a transitionary period to let technology catch up. Wind and solar are not a stable answer unless you are happy going without energy for long periods of time. Seems we know the answer to how well that goes down.

Bring back cheap fossil fuels is what the world is now crying for.

Climate Emergencies sure do move in mysterious ways.


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