The Kraken is released

Powell has filed two cases so far, Michigan and Georgie. Both claim that their is proof that there was co-ordinated measures taken with the purpose to illegally and fraudulently manipulate the vote count to manufacture an election of Joe Biden.

We are not sure if Joe knew about it, but if he did he has likely forgotten.

Read the filed documents below



This is just starting to heat up with the evidence yesterday including

In Pennsylvania there were 1.8 million mail ballots sent out and they received 2.5 million back. Thats an interesting statistic.

In 90 minutes Biden got just shy of 600,000 votes while Trump got 3,200

in Georgia’s State Farm Arena where counting was being carried out, a burst waterpipe caused a delay in counting as the room was evacuated. trouble is a few people remained on the computers for hours while every one else was kept outside.

the only evidence of a burst water pipe is a text message. Interesting in this day and age that the only evidence is a text.

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