The left are in meltdown over the election audits.

Watching the commentators try their best to discredit the auditors of the Arizona election audit, it only shows that we are finally above the target.

What should of happened is the election should have had court cases heard, it didn’t and now people are waking up as to why.

Those claiming this was already settled in court obviously don’t understand how court cases work.

A good article in the Gateway Pundit explains the reasons why the left are running interference.

WAYNE ROOT: If You Believe 60 Judges Turned Down “Stolen Election,” You’re Either an Idiot, or In On the Fix

“Americans now understand the intimidation tactics of the radical left. They’ve seen the vile hate speech towards white Americans. They’ve seen the Mayor of Chicago announce she will only do interviews with black or brown journalists. They’ve seen BLM and Antifa rioting, looting, burning and anarchy. They’ve seen the censorship, banning and hatred towards conservatives by social media and woke corporations. They’ve seen Palestinian mobs beating Jews in the streets of Los Angeles and New York. Radical Democrats have set this nation on fire.”

Yep you can say what you want about Biden’s administration but you can’t credibly accuse it of making any improvements.

“Americans finally see the truth. They now understand what happened in those 60 cases involving voter fraud in the 2020 election. Trump and Republicans didn’t lose those 60 cases. That’s a lie. That’s Soviet communist level propaganda.

The American people now understand those judges were intimidated. Trump never lost a single voter fraud case. He didn’t strike out. Trump never got to the plate. He never took a swing. No judge ever actually looked at a case. The Supreme Court never looked at a case.

You’ve heard of “jury nullification.” That’s where the jury ignores the facts and ignores the law. This was simply a case of “Trump nullification.”

The silent majority have now reached a point where they want to see what went on at the election.

These audits will carry on, Georgia next, Michigan will get past the initial set back, Wisconsin, Nevada, Pennsylvania. One after another these swing states that had all sorts of inexplicable issues will show the level of corruption that has become part of U.S. politics.

It’s going to end one of two ways, either a big clean up of elections, as it is proven the last election wasn’t the will of the people. Or the USA is lost and socialism and its dictatorial ways has arrived.

The last line in the article which is also the first, sums it up nicely.

“That’s why if you believe the lie that 60 judges turned down a “stolen election,” you’re either an idiot, or you’re in on the fix.”

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