The Methane Myth and its lunacy

Methane is a greenhouse gas this is true.

However, to understand how infinitesimally little there is in the atmosphere we need to give some examples of what portion of the atmosphere is made up of cow farts. And then New Zealand’s share of this (non)problem.

There are 1.8 parts per million of methane gas in the atmosphere. Of the anthropogenic caused methane, New Zealand is responsible for 0.3% of this gas.

So to put this in prospective, if you were to walk from Manukau to Orewa and the portion of methane in the atmosphere was represented by the distance of your journey. The first 15 cm would be how far you would need to travel to represent the total content of methane in the atmosphere. In terms of New Zealand’s contribution to this increase in methane, it would be half of one millimetre of this journey.

Yet we must slaughter our primary income producing beasts to solve this issue that even climate modelers ignored in their computer models due to the insignificance of it.

To make matters worse it, the frequency of Infra red that it absorbs is already being absorbed by other more prevalent greenhouse gasses so it has zero affect any way.

But we need to stop eating meat, growing cows and having hamburgers – because methane is a green house gas.

Check out a scientific view of this nonsense.

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