The Ministry Of Truth Never Sleeps!

Here we go folks! Make no mistake, the full blown communist take over by Ardern Et Al is well underway! She has two years left to enact as much as she can & she’s wasting NO time!

Not content with silencing dissenting adult voices, they are now coming for your kids! The NZ government has spent $4.4 Million to shape the thinking of your children. Sounds good yea, in their best interests you think? That’s certainly the way it is being sold! Who benefits from a population that cannot think for itself? The kids? Or the government?

If they have our children’s best interests at heart, wouldn’t we be teaching teens to think critically? The only winner here is The Ministry of Truth! They are sinking their claws into our kids to NOT think for themselves rather dismiss what is not approved by the state! GROUP THINK! What could possibly go wrong????

If you thought the Nazi’s were clever buggers to mobilise a nation for evil then check this out! “Arderns Youth” they shall be known as!

Here is a quote from the Stuff Article………..”So serious is this surge of fake news aimed at young people that a range of Government agencies, online groups and police are working together to try and control it.

  1. When a government takes guns away from law abiding citizens
  2. When they rush laws through under urgency that have NOTHING to do with a so called medical emergency
  3. When they break laws themselves at will
  4. When they don’t follow their own rules but threaten YOU with arrest if you don’t follow a mandate (which isn’t a law)
  5. When they try enforce mask wearing when its own officials are on record stating they don’t work
  6. When MP’s are officially stating unvax’d people NOT be able to purchase goods & services & at the same time suggesting getting the Vax is your choice
  7. When they buy media favour & then suggest they are the arbiters of truth, it’s time to ask, what’s next?

I’ve got a 10yr old & seriously considering home schooling now & if this bullshit continues ultimately leaving New Zealand for good because it sure looks like it will get way worse, sooner rather than later!


Here is the trailer. If you can see this for what it is then I encourage you to let your concerns be known in the comments section on each video clip in Youtube & rate it thumbs up or down accordingly

Remember the Hitler Youth movement of the 1930’s/40’s? Those of you who read history books will be well versed! They burned books, expelled “deniers” from society & indoctrinated the youth to “group think”. How did that turn out for Germany?

Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it!

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Hitler Youth and the Real Nazi History Behind 'Jojo Rabbit' | Time
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