The most deceitful act in New Zealand politics?

During the previous election campaign the Labour Party held the He Puapua document in secret from New Zealand citizens. Even their coalition partner was kept in the dark.

They waited until they had absolute power and then began implementing it in secret, only releasing it when forced by an official information act request.

The first major policy based on the principles contained within He Puapua is Three Waters.

Official documents show that The Labour Party made a concrete decision that three waters would not be optional. Then they made a show of travelling around the country holding theatrical fake discussions with local councils, under the false pretense that this was optional.

The government has no mandate from the New Zealand public to pursue its separatist agenda. They are a deceitful pack of liars, who have subverted our democracy.

The media, who are openly paid by the government using taxpayer money to support He Puapua, have been unsurprisingly silent on this.

A free and fair media with New Zealanders best interests at heart would have held a blow torch to the government over this on behalf of New Zealand citizens.

We don’t live in a democratic country anymore.

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