The most insidious path ever set down in this country during this writer’s lifetime is about to be walked!

The planning of this dangerous nonsense has been going on for years. The cartel of comrades hidden in the closets of the cloakrooms of power scheming, considering themselves our betters, impelled and fueled in the totalitarian zeal to re-order our society while the going’s good under the camouflage of the former head of Socialist Youth International. They’re all in on this state-sanctioned brainwash disgrace together:The demonising description of racism as ‘learned behaviour’ disparages every single family in this country, while the pretentious, pompous, claim of our masters in morals to ‘unlearn’ those attitudes are ideological zealotry – the constant companion of the far-left – and a wedge between us.No discussion will be entered into, as with all diktats, this ‘teaching tool’ will be implemented throughout our schools “in the next couple of months”.Just another reason to thank our Glorious Leader.

May praise be upon her!

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