The MSM tells us we are conspiracy theorists

Today both Newshub and TV1 ran misinformation conspiracy theories that we are all believing in conspiracy theories.

The method used here is a common form of propaganda. It is where you use what is called “guilty through association.”

The technique is to lump in some truths into a list with a whole lot of rubbish theories. Thus, tarnishing all of the conspiracies with one other to create list that as a whole seems like a list of lunatic conspiracy theories. It obviously preys on those that get all their facts from the MSM.

Also, apparently its middle age white men spreading the conspiracies too – is that hate speech?

The list of conspiracy theories are

  • COVID-19 was created in a lab
  • Vaccines are unsafe
  • 5G is harmful
  • COVID is caused by 5G
  • We were lied to about the Christchurch Massacre
  • Climate change is not real
  • 1080 is to control human population
  • 911 was planned or allowed by the US Government

So its the first one I want to talk about today, as the article says there is no evidence the virus came from a lab.

However, before I do, you can see that a few conspiracies are thrown in with increasingly hard to believe conspiracy theories. The press are now making you think all of the above theories are equally as insane as each other where the reality is, they are all completely separate issues from each other and in no way linked.

So the first one is attempting to solidify that the virus actually came from a bat sold at a wet market in Wuhan.

There is no supporting evidence of this, however lets not focus too much on the lack of evidence supporting their theory. Let’s instead look at the evidence that suggests it did come from a lab that also is in Wuhan. The evidence that Newshub says doesn’t exist…

  • The Wuhan lab was studying corona viruses from bats
  • The study was on the jumping of species of Corona viruses from bats to humans
  • The study used “gain of function technology” to create viruses that can infect humans
  • The US funded these experiments and reports were filed saying many of the Wuhan lab staff were woefully inexperienced or badly trained on safety protocols.
  • 3 of the Wuhan lab staff were hospitalised with nasty flu like infections prior to the outbreak
  • A Chinese scientist filed a patent for a vaccine for the corona virus in February 2020. He then mysteriously died.
  • Scientists wrote to Dr Fauci claiming that the virus had all the mechanics of being lab created (see video below)
  • No bat has ever been located that is the origin of this virus, nor has a host animal that linked the jump to humans.
  • A Chinese scientist working at the Wuhan lab thanked Fauci in her publication for funding gain of function experiments on corona viruses
  • The list goes on but so much for no evidence eh?

No wonder no one trusts the media

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