The Myth of extreme weather and accelerated sea level rise

One of the best marketing strategies of the alarmists was to focus more on the name “Climate Change rather than “Global Warming”

Global warming was what they called climate change until they realised that the warming had stopped.

from the mid 90’s till 2015 there was no warming trend. 20 years of zero warming put a big dent in the globalists pitch that we are burning up the planet.

Global warming had stopped, but there were other tricks that could be played. Climate Change is of course a reality, a normal function of the many climate cycles that exist globally that affect our weather patterns. There are different time frames of theses cycles and different warming or cooling periods depending on where the cycle is at.

On the short term there are cycles such as the El Nino Southern oscillation or the Indian ocean Dipole, which vary year to year but are overall considered to be a circa 20 to 30 year cycle that warm or cool the oceans. On the longer term, you have cycles such as the Milankovitch cycle which has both a 40,000 year aspect and a 100,000 year aspect to this cycle.

The Milankovitch cycle having the most drastic effect on global climate long term, it is considered to be the driver of ice ages and interglacial periods.

Watch the short video on the Milankovitch cycle below

The reason you need to understand these cycles is to know that the climate is always changing. Climate change, of course, is simply a name kidnapped by alarmists and allows every weather event to be blamed on man kind.

Common alarming statistics are that we are getting more severe storms, forest fires, floods, droughts and tornados. Every event is invariably blamed on Anthropogenic caused Carbon Dioxide.

All we need to do is go to the various organisations who study these events to see what is really going on.

Storm intensity

Again Satellite data plays a large roll in getting a true global picture here.

The further back in time we go the more we are relying on anecdotal evidence of storms such as ones spotted by ships at sea and those that hit the land.

The image below is the measurement of the total global storm intensity from the early 70’s until today.

As you can see there is no trend upwards. It is easy to blame storms on climate change, but these large scale weather events have occurred for well before Co2 started rising but now it seems that people think there was no storms prior to the ugly old CO2 climbing in saturation.

As for Ardern’s climate emergency, lets look at harm to life from climate over time.

So much emergency that we need to spend 15% of our GDP on solving?

What about droughts and floods over the years?

The reality is we are living in a remarkably hospitable time and for some reason we are being convinced we are in an emergency.

Below are other indicators to show what’s really going on.

New Lets look at sea level rise.

Tide gauges around the globe measure the average sea level. We are told that our coastal cities are going to be washed away displacing millions.

What is really going on.

Here is a tide gauge located in Sydney harbour which is at the western side of the largest ocean, the Pacific.

then we have New York

And a few others around the globe

Help yourself to looking at all of them linked below

As you can see we have a gradual increase of 1 or 2 mm per year which is the gradual increase of coming out of an ice age. no accelerated rise as you can see from the long term ones at the top of Fort Denison going back to 189 and New York as far back as 1850.

So in short there is no upward trend in sea rise, no increase in storms, there is less fires, less death and damage.

Are you starting to get a bit angry at what the Government and the globalists are up to yet.

If you want a bit more from the experts here is some good education

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