The New Normal

The article mentions that the bill was underway before the medical crisis. Now, its being pushed as a way out of the medical crisis. Did the medical crisis take place to aid the passing of the bill or vice versa? In any case, have a good read…. Seems without digital identification, there’s no way to prove who we are and obtain secure ‘ passports to freedom’. ‘ Driving licenses, birth certificates, passports, Real Me ids are all worthless somehow.

You will be decarbonized and digitalized.

Proving who we are is key to return to ‘normal’
May be an image of text that says "Spark NZ 7:34 Digital identity system NZ Digital govern... … Digital identity system Creating a secure and sustainable digital identity system will make it easier to access a wider range of digital identity services in a consented. trusted waV. In 2018, the New Zealand government committed to a 2-year programme to investigate the requirements for new and improved approach to digital identity. Αbστ Research and engagement Identity Programme Digital Understanding the digital identity system Digital identity allows people and"
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