The Pandemic is over when the president says it is.

So much for health advice.

Fauci hasn’t been the greatest at providing honest appraisals of the pandemic and is probably trying to claw back some credibility by announcing the US is out of the pandemic phase.

That is until Psaki announced its not over and the Whitehouse instructed Fauci he is wrong.

Over here in the land of the long white fog, we have our health ministry coming up for a plan for the next strain of covid.

A resurgence plan where we can all get used to vaccine passes again. I must be living in peak stupidity. What part of the vaccine pass makes any f’ing sense?

Is it the bit where it doesn’t stop you getting it, or the part where it doesn’t stop you passing it on, or both I’m confused.

They warn of pandemic fatigue, I would suggest it’s bull shit fatigue.

What is it about making everyone get jabbed are the politicians so obsessed with? It’s not protecting you from catching COVID so what could it be.

It is the Malthusian’s they are everywhere

I blame Klaus Schwab

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