The Perfect election of 2020

Spoiler alert, if you have TDS you may develop a tick.

The investigative journalists at Just The News have done a great article on the irregularities of the last election, after a poll showed that 40% of the US population do not believe believe in the legitimacy of either of the past two elections.

“For more than a year, Democrats and their allies in the corporate media have decried what they call the “Big Lie” that America’s 2020 election was flawed or stolen. But almost weekly now, revelations are emerging that the election was, in fact, marred by illegalities, irregularities and mismanagement like former President Donald Trump has argued, leaving a nation increasingly doubting the reliability of its election system.”

Those of you with a little understanding of the election system and the reality of the swing states will know you don’t have to target many areas to sway an election result.

Arizona for example, only needed one county to be manipulated to deliver a win to the favoured candidate. In 2020 Biden won by 10,457 votes.

Maricopa County (Arizona’s most populous region) found over 200,000 votes that didn’t match signatures, which is more than 8 times the margin in this county alone

Here is the list of swing states that ended up swing Biden’s way in the most unusual election count in the US history of elections.

  • Georgia 12,670
  • Wisconsin 20,682
  • Arizona 10,457
  • Nevada 33,596
  • Pennsylvania 81,660
  • Michigan 154.188

A different result in any four of the above would have ended up with Trump winning and less than 44,000 was the margin which would have rendered the election a draw

The article linked above shows proof of confirmed illegal goings on in almost all of these states and even one of the largest foreign intrusions in U.S. election history, where Iranians hacked into a state computer election system.

Most secure election ever eh?

  • Wisconsin has confirmed 6 seperate major election issues
  • Georgia has confirmed 5 seperate major election issues
  • Arizona has confirmed 3 seperate major election issues
  • Michigan has confirmed 2 seperate major election issues
  • Pennsylvania has confirmed a major issue with its election legality

Some of the challenges above effected millions of votes. Pennsylvania had a larger margin of over 80,000 winning margin for Biden, but the legality of their election involved over 2.5 million votes which were mail in votes. These are very susceptible to dubious counting. Practices particularly with no signature match.

The one thing that is certain is there was a calculated and deliberate manipulation of the 2020 election, more evidence is coming out every week showing who is the perpetrators of the real Big Lie

It has now got to the point where overturning the election will not occur. But work needs to be done to restore the faith in the US election system.

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