The poles are melting!

Spare a thought for the Emperor Penguin who has just endured the coldest winter on record.

The frozen continent reached some seriously low temperatures this winter season, even hitting -100 Celsius.

This doesn’t stop the alarmist claiming that the world is still heating up at alarming rates though.

Here is the latest global temperatures showing where was warmer, cooler and no significant change.

These monthly global temperature images show that the globe has a variety of warming and cooling trends all happening at the same time.

Since we have accurately measured true global temperatures with satellites from 1979, the temperature has risen 0.14 degrees Celsius per decade.

That is a little over 0.01 degrees per year. If this trend continues until 2050 as the IPCC is claiming we will be a sizzling 0.27 degrees warmer. Scary stuff.

September sees us at 0.25 degrees above the 30 year average.

More on the Antarctic from the droll Tony Heller.

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