The Polls that the Media are Ignoring

Roy Morgan released a poll in late January and another one on February 7.

Both polls had the National/ACT combination ahead of Labour/Greens

National now ahead of Labour

The poll also had the National party on 35% and Labour on 33% , the first time since pre COVID days that National are ahead.k of Labour

ACT are on 13.5% with the Greens 10.5%

Just like the poll released on January 31, which also had the National/ACT combo ahead, virtually none of the media have covered this poll. Last months poll linked below

The last 2 Roy Morgan polls have Labour and the Greens out of Government

These Roy Morgan polls certainly make the Reid Research poll out this week appear to be a rogue poll rather than a sign of the mood of the electorate.

Given the events of recent times 33% is more believable than 44% when it comes to support for Labour

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