The polls are down, the country is going in the wrong direction and…

New Zealanders now feel National will be better than Labour at handling the issues that are important.

If you want a sign that you are nearing the end of the game first of all you start sliding in the polls, if this continues that is one life lost lost in the game of politics.

How many of those polled start to feel the country is going in the wrong direction is a big litmus test. If it is in the high 40’s or even more, then you are in big trouble. Labour are currently sitting at 50% of the population saying the country is going in the wrong direction. Another political life lost in the game of politics

Now a poll just out shows us that the things that are important to New Zealanders are

  1. Inflation
  2. Housing
  3. Healthcare
  4. Petrol prices
  5. Crime
  6. Economy

It must be a while since inflation was the number one concern for kiwis. Many will not even know what high inflation is. The last time we had dire inflation, Ardern was probably still coming to grips with her new adult teeth.

Who do the public think are best suited to managing these issues?

  1. Inflation has gone from the voters thinking Labour are way better suited to handling inflation to National being better suited.
  2. Housing has unsurprisingly gone to National after it was  Labour by quite some margin before.
  3. Healthcare labour are holding on to this one but have dropped 20% of the publics confidence here
  4. Petrol Prices again this was seen as a good one for Labour to manage but now people think National are better suited to manage this.
  5. Crime again has flipped from Labour to National.

When four of the five most important issues are seen to be better handled by your opposition you are about to lose the game.

On a side note, 18% of Kiwis think Climate Change is the biggest concern. This shows how well the spin has worked. It would no doubt be higher if we didn’t have real issues facing us. Funnily enough petrol prices being high is most important for 28% of kiwis. It would be curious to see how many are concerned for both petrol prices and climate change.

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