The Post that got me a ban on Facebook

When the virus was first announced as a new global medical challenge, it was assumed that no human would have immunity.

This is interesting given that the Corona virus is not a new virus even if this mutation is a new version.

The new strain is a mutation of an existing virus. Something to remember here is all virus mutate. It is a necessity for them otherwise they wouldn’t survive.

In Glasgow from 2005 to 2013 they tested what virus was causing respiratory illnesses in patents and found that over these years 5% to 15% were from the Corona virus.

Testing like this did not normally occur as the condition was just labelled as the flu. This is even though there is a number of different viruses that cause these flu like respiratory conditions.

It is hard not to wonder what is really going on when you realise the COVID-19 is not so Novel, not so deadly and that we now know most people are already equiped to fight it off with their own immune system. It is now found that many particularly young people have antigens in their mucous

We are now getting the media focusing on the so-called long haul Covid sufferers and more and more focus on positive tests rather than deaths.

Why are they focusing on positive tests and long haulers? Because it’s not that deadly.

The fact is that there is no vaccine, yet Governments around the world are bidding and committing funds to the development of one, so they can be the first in line to buy the vaccine. It just makes you wonder.

One in 1000 people who get the flu will die. Regardless of what viral strain they received. The evidence is now that Covid 19 has the same death rate, but worst case, for every 1000, 3 people will perish.

We are paying money, providing indemnity and trading in something that doesn’t exist, and when it does, it will likely be rushed through not allowing for it to be properly tested.

If you don’t think this happens then google swine flu

Again, I am a big believer in vaccines. however, in the case of the Corona Virus, we are dealing with a virus we have never found a vaccine for that has made it to human trials.

The reasons are numerous as to why. However the last Covid outbreak literally disappeared before a vaccine could be trialled.

On rats, the vaccine they created caused liver damage and adverse immunity responses.

We have already heard of issues with human trials on this vaccine.

Given it is not that deadly, no guarantee there will be a vaccine and then no guarantee vaccines will work. Why are we pegging all our hopes in this?

So we can open our borders? Having the vaccine for the flu doesn’t mean you won’t get it. At best it is 50% successful.

Also the speed at which virus mutates means you will need multiple vaccines depending on where you go.

Like any vaccine, let someone else try it first and if it’s ok then let’s buy it. Doesn’t always pay to be the first cab off the rank when it comes to new medication.

Can’t we buy the 2nd generation vaccine. Or wait to see if we can get to herd immunity first?

SARS COV 1 started in November 2002 and vanished by May 2004.

19 months it was with us and has never been seen again.

Based on history, the Covid 19 will disappear in May next year. Of course it may not go and may never go away.

Remember 1 thing, we have a vaccine for the flu and yet 500,000 people die every year of the flu.

But Corona will be different?

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