The real election fraud

In this video Sidney Powell explains more about the election fraud. It is important to note that this is not just a problem that is from the Democrat side of politics.

This is a move to break the grip on power that the elite politicians have. This is something that will hit both Republicans as well as Democrats.

Anyone claiming this is over is just burying their heads in the piles of dung the main stream media are pushing.

This is something that is so big that maybe it is too big to topple. Maybe Sidney Powell has lost the plot and is making it all up.

Somehow I doubt it. While watching the election there were times when Trumps vote tally reduced whilst the same amount went on the Bidens score card. In the middle of the night thousands of biden only votes came in. Dead people came out in their droves like an episode of night of the living dead to vote for Biden.

But no there is nothing to see here. I am convinced this election was riddled with fraud, I am not convinced that Powell will be able to get this through the SCOTUS though. So much hinges on the depth of corruption in the USA.

Even some of our own right leaning blogs are buying the bull shit.

Kiwiblog is filled with keyboard warriors that obviously tremble themselves to sleep at night in fear of the Orange Man.

One thing that is sure is team Trump Never say Never

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