The Schwab File

Following Canadian politics seems to be a direct line into viewing Klaus Schwab’s vision for the WEF lead world.

Trudeau and his merry group of complicit psychopaths are rolling out legislation that is seemingly coming straight out of Schwab’s reset manual.

The latest gem is mandating a booster shot for all Canadians every nine months.

This is the kind of insanity that you get when a population does not ask enough questions.

Fresh off crushing the peaceful Trucker’s protest, as punishment, everyone must have a jab. Somewhat ironically the jab duration cycle is over the same time as it takes to have a baby. Must have something to do with my body my choice.

The irony of that one is mildly amusing.

The concern is that New Zealand is a few degrees behind Trudeau on the clock. Ardern seems to be closely connected to Trudeau being an equally qualified WEF loyalist.

So are we peering into our soon to come jabathon? The new variant (BA5) is being dubbed as the Ninja variant. Remembering that COVID is one of the few viruses that has its own marketing department, there is something in that name.

Are we about to be told the only way to defeat a ninja is with endless vaccines.

The article states that the health minister believes we will never be fully vaccinated against the virus. It seems he won’t let a lack of trying be a factor in this reality.

The vaccines are always a day late, if not a dollar short. Pfizer’s lates jab is for the BA1 variety and we are going from BA4 to BA5. BA1, the original Omicron variety, is as far removed from the current variant that it may as well be Monkey Pox.

The nine monthly jab will be as effective as a 3 toed sloth chasing a leopard. But following science is the first causality of modern liberalism.

Idiocracy is moving in real time.

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