The Search for New Zealand’s Most Reluctant Medical Professional

Is it Jane’s neurologist who has her on multiple medications but still hasn’t revealed the cause?

Is it Gerald’s nurse who advised three days of vomitting and headaches are normal but later found out it was liver failure?

Is it Lily’s GP who doesn’t want to know?

Is it Taylor’s cardiologist who says he has absolutely no idea why his patients are suddenly young men?

Is it James’ GP who says his sudden onset Polymyalgia is not connected?

Is it the doctors after Ben’s ED visit where a nurse said they are getting 3-4 in every day with the same heart palpitations, but the doctors are sending them home with a clean bill of health?

Is it Abe’s GP who faced with CT results of multiple lung granulomas said that couldn’t be the cause?

Is it the medical advisors at ACC routinely rejecting claims?

It is definitely not Diane’s doctor and immunologist who have made applications for 12 people to receive ‘get out of jail free cards’ for the seriously ill which have all been refused.

It is not Sherrie’s GP either who said he definitely knew the cause of her sudden onset diabetes.

Not Sonny’s doctors either who were sure they knew the cause of his liver failure.

Not Anne’s neurologist either who wrote that he knew the cause of her sudden onset neurological disorder.

It might be Gavin’s specialists who didn’t explore the cause of his sudden onset Leukaemia.

Is it Suneeta’s partner’s doctors and the A&E staff who feel that persistent strong chest pain is the normal result of stress?

Is it Brendon’s ED consultant who thought it was coincidence?

Is it fit thirty year old Sam’s specialist who said his stroke was unrelated?

Don’t pass up this opportunity to nominate for this special award. The prize on offer: The recipient will get to stand up in public and finally acknowledge what people are going through. Hopefully they will then formally offer their sincere apologies to those seriously and tragically affected. Thereby initiating a sea change in policy among the wider medical profession and our health service administration.

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