The Snake-Oil Salesmen of Climate Science

Please watch, share and seek the truth for your self

Whilst much of climate change hysteria is media and politically driven, do not forget the role of the activist scientists and the money hungry science faculties around the world.

A “tow the line” bullying culture is rife in the climate science field, as no doubt it is in many other fields such as medicine. However, todays presentation is a longer one (about 30 minutes) and puts together much of what Planet B Media was originally created for; exposing the hype and fabrication of climate change as an existential threat.

Remember there is nothing wrong with trying to have cleaner and greener energy, but the total alarmism that has become a norm in todays society has progressed to this hoax now becoming a core belief system. In areas such as education and public policy decision making it has become a number 1 issue. This is is insanity at best bassed on the actual science and observable and empirical evidence.

What makes it even more insane is the information is there to see if you want to take the time to look at what the science is telling us. Not all scientists are climate activists like Michael Mann and the data is there to show exactly how bad (or not) climate change is.

Yes climate changes, but do not believe that the science is settled or in fact we even fully understand what is an incredibly complicated and unpredictable field of learning.

However, as you will see from the 30 minute presentation, not everything is as it was.

remember, he who controls the past controls the future

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