The Spinoff and NZ Herald gaslighting on Conspiracies

The Herald shared this Spinoff hit piece on “Conspiracy Theorists”

Not withstanding that conspiracy theories of late have been more akin to spoiler alerts rather than then hair brained theories, the NZ Herald has shared a Toby Minhire Spin-off hit piece on all those who want answers on Ardern’s connections to the WEF program and how it might relate to a meeting at Black Rock.

Taking the opportunity to scoff at those that were curious about Ardern meeting with the Uber wealthy fund manager and it’s own connections to the WEF Mangier starts by suggesting the conspiracy couldn’t be one, as Ardern posted it on Facebook. Yes it means it wasn’t a secret but its no secret that the WEF meet every year in Davos and Schwab has made no secret of his great resit agenda writing a book about it. Its out in the open now and those of us who have taken the time to look into it aren’t too happy about owning nothing and told to be happy.

The reality is the meeting is just as likely to be largely an innocuous opportunity to encourage investment in New Zealand. However, let’s look at why those so called conspiracy theorists made a point of sharing this meeting.

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past 5 years Ardern is part of the WEF young leaders program where she is a graduate of the class of 2014. The article makes mention of the WEF as another conspiracy, briefly mentioning Trudeau and Macron as follows

“Jacinda Ardern is a recurring character in this fabulist universe, often cropping up in the company of Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, all of whom are baselessly portrayed as puppets of octogenarian World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab and the new world order plot.”

Macron and Trudeau are also WEF young leaders graduates but these three are just a tiny albeit slightly significant part of a much wider reach of WEF loyalists, including Black Rocks CEO Larry Fink. who is a WEF agenda contributor. He even has his own page on the WEF website.

But let’s start with Trudeau seeing as he got a little mention in the article.

Trudeau and also his Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland are some of the WEF loyal in the Canadian government, there are plenty more and Klaus Schwab has been interviewed explaining how the WEF have penetrated cabinet in Canada with more than half of their cabinet being WEF future young leader recruits.

Every year a new batch of loyalists come out of the WEF program and they are powerful people in politics business and other walks of life. A new batch has just come out and need to be given a home However here are three of them

Sean Fraser

  • Canadian Liberal MP and Justin Trudeau’s Minister of Immigration
  • Colin Allred is an American politician, lawyer, and former professional football player. As of September 2021, Allred had voted in line with Joe Biden’s stated position 100% of the time.
  • Eva Maydell is a Bulgarian politician. She is a member of the European Parliament and President of the European Movement International.

Here is a list of all of them but you will see they are an ever growing group of extremely influential people working to the vision of the WEF where the mantra is “You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy.

Below is WEF loyalists in US politics

Huma Abedin US Department of State Deputy chief of staff and aide to Hillary Clinton (2009– 2013) and vice chair of Hillary’s presidential campaign 

Penny Abeywardena Mayors office City of New York Mayors office City of New York 

Robert E. Andrews United States House of Representatives Congressman from New Jersey (D), 1st District 

Ruben Barrales Office of the President of the United States Assistant to the President and Director, Intergovernmental Affairs 

Evan Bayh Senate of Indiana, USA Senator Indiana (1999–2011) Karan K. Bhatia Office of the US Trade Deputy Trade Representative 

Matt Blunt State of Missouri Governor of Missouri 

David A. Bray Atlantic Council GeoTech Center Federal Communications Commission 

Aja Brown City of Compton, California Mayor of Compton 

Carol M. Browner Office of the President of the United States Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change Policy (2009–2011) 

George P. Bush Texas General Land Office Land Commissioner (2015–) 

Pete Buttigieg Government of the United States  Secretary of Transportation (2021–) 

Julian Castro Government of the US US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (2014 –2017)  

David Chiu City of San Francisco City Attorney of San Francisco 

Jim Cooper U.S. House of Representatives Democrat Congressman Tennessee 32 yrs 

Tom Cotton U.S. Senate Senator from Arkansas (R) 

Daniel Crenshaw United States Congress Rep. from Texas, 2nd District (2019–) 

Artur Davis US Congress Congressman from Alabama, 7th District (D) 

Brian Deese National Economic Council National Economic Council 

Joshua DuBois White House Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships   Sophal Ear Crescenta Valley Town Council, California Council Member 

Mike Espy Government of the US Secretary of Agriculture (1993–1994) 

Daniel C. Esty State of Connecticut, USA Commissioner, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (2011–2014) 

Jon Favreau Office of the President of the United States Office of the President of the United States 

Steven Fulop Jersey City, N.J. Mayor of Jersey City (2013–) 

Tulsi Gabbard United States House of Representatives Congresswoman from Hawaii (D), 2nd District 

Kate Gallego City of Phoenix, Arizona Mayor of Phoenix 

Pete Geren Texas Cultural Trust Former congressman Texas 

Gabrielle Giffords US Congress US Congressman (Dem) for Arizona (2007–2012) 

Garlin II Gilchrist State of Michigan Lieutenant Governor 

Cyrus Habib Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Lieutenant Governor of Washington State (2017–2021) 

Nikki Haley US Government  US Ambassador to the UN 

Rachel Haot (Sterne) City of New York Executive Director of the Transit Innovation Partnership 

Jaime Herrera Beutler US House of Representatives Congresswoman from Washington (R), 3rd District 

Benjamin Jealous NAACP – 

Bobby Jindal State of Louisiana Governor of Louisiana 

Patrick J. Kennedy II US House of Representatives Representative for Rhode Island (1995–2011) 

Joseph P. Kennedy III US House of Representatives Rep for the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts 

Kwame Kilpatrick City of Detroit Mayor of Dieroit (2002–2008) 

Adam Kinzinger Illinois American Politician 

Mark Lippert Boeing US Ambassador to South Korea 2014-2017 

Kathleen McGinty Office of the Governor of Pennsylvania Chief of Staff (2015); Environmental advisor to VP Al Gore and President Clinton Kimberly A. Moore US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (2021–) Chief judge 

Seth Moulton U.S. House of Representatives Democrat Rep. from Massachusetts’s 6th district (2015–) 

Vivek Murthy United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps   

Nicole Nason National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator 

Michael R. Nelson City of Carrobro, North Carolina Mayor of Carrboro, NC 

Gavin Newsom State of California Governor of California (2019–) 

Jared Polis State of Colorado, USA Governor of Colorado (2019–) 

Samantha Power National Security Council (NSC) Past US Ambassador to UN 

Adam Putnam Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services 

Luke Ravenstahl City of Pittsburgh Mayor, Pittsburgh 2006-2014 

Julissa Reynoso US Embassy US Ambassador to Spain and Andorra (2022–) 

Nilmini Rubin Meta US Senate Foreign Relations Committee 

Richard L. Scott Columbia/HCA US Governor/Senator – Florida 

Kunihiko Shimada KS International Strategies, Inc. Former UN mediator on peace and security issues 

Kristen Silverberg US Government US Ambassador to the EU (2008–2009) 

Edward Smith DLA Piper LLP Department of Commerce under Obama 

Elise Stefanik US House of Representatives Congresswoman from New York, 21st District (R) 

William Steiger USAID Director of the Office of Global Health Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

Lawrence H. Summers Harvard University Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs 

John E. Sununu United States Institute of Peace (USIP) Congressman and Senator Lauren Underwood   Representative for Illinois 

Heather Zichal The White House Deputy assistant to President Barack Obama for Energy and Climate Change 

Jeffrey Zients Advisory Board Company White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator since 2021


Here in NZ we have

Jacinda Ardern PM of NZ

Simon Power TVNZ Chief Executive

Golriz Ghahraman member of parliament

Every area in the world has high ranking WEF people. If that isn’t a Cabal what is?

If you think it is a conspiracy theory that the WEF isn’t slowly infiltrating every walk of life then you are either stupid or part of the cabal.

They post this stuff to Facebook too. I guess its okay





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