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So one of our newest MP’s has lied not once, but twice on his reasons for needing to cut the cue in MiQ. Is this arrogant, poor judgment, a complete lie, selfish or all of the above? This guy is so vocal on big corporate businesses doing whatever they please & exploiting situations to suit themselves at the cost of others is quite hypocritical don’t you think Ricardo?

Not sure what we are banging on about? Check out recent articles posted here showing Mr Menendez March has gone to Mexico to supposedly visit his step mother who has been diagnosed with Cancer. He has then bought back a non NZ citizen, his boy friend, into NZ from a Covid hotspot. The biggest problem in all this is not only has he lied a number of times on official government documents but this is a developing story being uncovered by actual good old fashioned journalism, odd in these modern times I know!

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