“the third dose has been found to provide an extra layer of protection against the variant.”

That headline comes from the article linked below that our hospitals can’t cope.

Newshub https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/01/coronavirus-latest-on-covid-19-community-outbreak-wednesday-january-26.html

With circa 9 cases in hospital right now from the effects of the SARS COVI 2 virus. We are overwhelmed?

We are overwhelmed from the summer break, not covid, which just goes to show how poorly managed our health system is. This has been going for some time but Labour have certainly made this worse.

Back to the headline. Israel is on their 4th shot (second booster) and they have the highest infection rate per capita. Oh we can only hope that genuine journalism comes back soon before totalitarianism is fully installed.

If only we had opposition to this nonsense. Luxon and the boy blunder Seymour are in no shape to remove the insanity. They have chosen the hype over science and are pushing the vaccines like they are still the answer. Even if we were 100% vaccinated it will make no difference to transmission, or the claim that it reduces hospitalisations. This is speculation at best.

Hospital rates seem to mirror the vaccination rates, so I’m not sure how they make the claim that you are less likely to need hospitalisation.

The page that showed the vaccination status of Israel hospitalisations has been removed from their Dashboard. Data has come out saying the 4th booster gives more antibodies which the prime minister was happy to share. What they omitted was it was antigens that do f. all against the Omicron.

Turns out those with a previous infection are the best off.

But in unscientific NZ we are being herded out to get another jab which it’s previous 2 jabs offer 4 % effectiveness (whatever that means). Apparently the booster, boosts that, but the world data on the spread of Omicron makes this claim as believable as Ardern’s claim she got into politics to solve child poverty.

This Government needs to tread carefully as it’s now not frustration but down right anger that is going to break out.

Over 90% of the population may have agreed to the first 2 jabs but many were under duress and you may find close to 50% of kiwis are ready to tell you to stick your needles up your collective arses.

And why wouldn’t they? Most people are waking up to the lies that the vaccine would fix everything.

Many still believe in the vaccines ability to reduce hospitalisation but how soon before our data is being hidden due to vaccinated people turning up to hospital.

Fortunately the omicron is barely a flu and more like a cold. So sending people home and telling them to take a Panadol will be the treatment. But yes, many will go to hospital because they have been brainwashed to believe they will die if they get it.

It will be come the pandemic of the hypochondriacs. You just wait.

This doesn’t mean people will feel ill. Most people have never had the flu and don’t realise it’s not like a bad cold. So we will hear all about how sick people got, but they won’t need hospital. They will need a bed and some quiet time to recover.

Stay strong people, the day of reckoning is drawing closer.

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