The tide has turned

Never in my life have I seen this… nation wide protests across New Zealand against the Communist Agenda of our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Every corner of the nation is angry. Angrier than I’ve ever seen. Campaigns against everything she is pushing for and campaigns calling for her resignation.

Yesterday, simultaneously in over 100 locations New Zealand protested aggressively against Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – why?

It appears that the usually casual laid back New Zealanders have been pushed too far by a Prime Minister who is relentlessly attacking their freedom and values.

Though many have quietly disagreed with Government decisions in the past – New Zealanders are usually too laid back to organise a response.

But not anymore.

The assault on the average kiwi’s freedoms and values have finally caused something to snap and a quiet, private, casual disapproval is being exchanged for multiple nationwide, unified, aggressive movements that have had enough and are getting so angry they are taking action on mass.

Perhaps she is only one more Communistic Dictatorial move away from seeing the full force of the freedom fighters across New Zealand unleashed in a way that our nation has never imagined would happen in our land or in our day…

What are your thoughts?

Is Jacinda a Saint and are New Zealander’s over reacting?

Is she really a Communist?

Is this women who endorsed the most brutal abortion laws in the world in the cover of darkness really trying to be kind or is she an iron fist in a velvet glove?

Has the lady who used to lead the International Youth Socialist Movement and preach communism with fire really changed her stripes?

Is she a Communist in her actions but denies it with her words?

Would our ancestors who bled out on the battlefield to protect our freedom and values be ashamed of what our nation is becoming?

Kiwis are going to have to ask deep questions and face some real issues – because by the looks of nationwide protests yesterday a storm like we’ve never seen before is brewing and it appears that the fall out will shape the future that the generations to come will inherit.

Are you for freedom and family values or are you for a Dictatorial State Controlled Communist Society that governs what you can say, where you can go, how you can raise your kids, what you can believe, if you are allowed to keep your kids, if you are allowed to own property and what is put into your body?

God of nations, at they feet, in the bonds of love we meet…

Perhaps love will look like a Lamb in this season as it has in the past or perhaps love will look like a Lion?

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