The Trump Party?

Trump now realises who his enemies are. Obviously it’s not just the Democrats, and Mitt Romney isn’t the lone wolf Republican who isn’t on board with the Trump Train.

Yesterday’s elector debates allowed Trump to see who had their foot where, when it came to what camps they were in. Plenty of his so called allies showed where they were really at.

Trump realises now that he didn’t have the support he needed in the Republican Party, and his real failure was not surrounding himself with enough true allies.

From judge appointees through the Federalist Society, recommendations through so called friends and the failure to fire key appointees. Trump now knows the task that needs to be done if he is to bring the changes to the U.S. He had hoped for.

So Trump needs to regroup. What better way than starting his own party. He is not a Republican no more, he is no longer able to court the Democrat Party. So, the logic is to start his own Party

What do you think he would call his party 🤔

People say it’s hard to start a party. This is true, but having 75,000,000 voter supporters, 120 odd house representatives on your side and a good bunch of senators certainly helps.

Assuming the last 2 weeks of his presidency doesn’t yield the bombshell exposé of dodgy electioneering, another impeachment or him being removed through section 4 of the 25th amendment. Then Trump should start the Trump party. Why not?

Seriously though, could he really call it the Trump Party?

It will take a movement to achieve it Already having the brand and some know how, accompanied with setting up his own media channel and surrounding himself with solid support…

The world is his oyster.

I hear many saying no way, he will be in jail before long. Oh but he will.

If the rest of the dodgy politicians can avoid jail then why should Trump go behind bars.

Who will he be up against though, Biden or Harris?

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