The Vaccination is optional

But mandatory, although voluntary, but you cannot refuse, more precisely you can, but you can be fired, although it is illegal, but the judge decided it is not.

No revaccination needed, although it might be required, but not necessarily, since the vaccine protects for 2 years, but the antibody count will be too low in six months, however you will have some antibodies, but they won’t help against the new variants, nonetheless another jab will help grow new antibodies, but we are not sure if that will be the case.

Get vaccinated and you won’t get sick, although you may get sick later, but it won’t be as severe, although there are new variants, but you should not get sick, however there is a lot of patients with the antibodies, but you are immune if you already had the disease or were vaccinated, but we are not sure of that, therefore get vaccinated, which is optional, but is going to be mandatory.

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