The vaccine is not a silver bullet or solution!

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By Will Ryan

Even if a vaccine “works” to aid an individual in fighting Covid, there is no evidence vaccines prevent transmission of the virus. Pfizer have declined to produce such a study.

Over 99.7% of those infected have defeated Covid with natural immunity and the risk to under 50 year old healthy individuals is minimal – equivalent to two days of driving. However the government and tyrant argument has been, that even if a healthy person can successfully fight off Covid, they can still spread it to others. Well how does a vaccine mitigate transmission as all it does in the best case is combat the virus with antibodies in a similar way to a non vaccinated healthy individual.

Our media and most “pro science” vaccine advocates are apparently too stupid to even think of this issue, let alone raise the question.
Vaccines may help individuals defeat covid, but in no way does that prevent said infected people spreading the virus whilst they have it.

So if neither vaccines or masks prevent transmission of the virus, it may be wise to just accept the inevitable spread. Clumsy governments cannot fight an invisible enemy, they can however destroy economies, lives and basic human rights with lockdowns and forced medical procedures however.

Considering an infection fatality rate of 0.27% (slighter higher than seasonal flu), the measures are simply not worth the cost. Those that die are on average at the average life expectancy, so no extra years of life are lost due to the virus itself. The economic impact from political decision makers is however costing millions of years of life by way of reducing wealth and increasing debt, unemployment and subsequent social problems.

It literally makes more sense to quarantine smokers and obese people or wear a helmet and fireproof racing suit when driving, than it does to mandate wearing of masks, tracking apps and vaccines. Anyone who thinks they are reasonable measures is a fucking idiot!

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